Medellín, Colombia 1987.

The fashion world in South America had just became one of the world's biggest booms by the 2nd half of the  XX's century. With names like Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and even Jennifer Lopez consolidate the fame of latinos in the U.S. and the entire world.

At this time, a 2 year-old girl named María was living a "normal" life in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. But soon will dramatically change for the better

When she was 15 she moved to the States with the vision of building her first business before turning 18.

It was on the early 2000's that butt busting jeans became popular in the US, so with a life-time knowledge about the subject and an incomparable love for clothes and fashion María came up with a swift twist and decided to introduce the fajas to her store and into the market.

If women were looking for clothes to enhance their bodies with the newest fashion designs, nothing was better than a faja (shape-wear/corset) that adapted to the body of the person to reveal their ideal silhouette to freely use it underneath a fancy night-dress, to support and improve the back and abdomianl muscles performance during a workout, to help recovering post- partum and surgery , or to convine it with any shirt and a pair of jeans, the range  of use is just huge!

Now, every women could have the best of bot worlds, the body shape wear for both top and bottom clothing. And even though the colombian version of the jeans and fajas were first thought for the latina woman, as the market started to grow and more women started to realize how useful and versatile this are, each season the models, sizes and designs changed to adapt to what today is used by a multicultural client-basis.



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